Canter Lever Awnings

When you don’t want your awning mounted on poles, for either aesthetic reasons or to eliminate obstruction, a cantilever awning is a great option. Eco Awning’s cantilever polycarb awnings are designed to reduce noise and heat, offer UV protection and reduce heat.

These awnings can be as wide as you like and project up to 2.6m. Your custom-made awning is constructed first with aluminium welded canter lever arms and a frame that are fixed to the wall.

Then we build the roof on top using twin wall polycarb sheets.

The polycarbonate sheets are joined with an ‘H’ bar. Each panel is 725mm centre to centre. So 2 sheets start at 1500mm wide and then simply add 725mm for each panel to determine the width you need. The sheets are an 8mm thick twin wall polycarbonate that can be cut to fit any size needed.

Our polycarb awnings offer some great advantages:

– Noise is reduced via a specially designed an air pocket in the middle
– Enjoy reduced heat with an awning in solar colours – Solar Ice and Solar Metal.
– The twin wall polycarb sheets have UV protection on both sides of the sheets, for greater protection.
– A great range of colours: Solar Ice, Solar Metal, Gray, Bronze and Clear. Solar Ice is the most popular.
– The standard colours for the frame are White, Primrose and Black. We can custom powder coat as well. Choose from the full range of powder coat colours from Dulux and Interpron.

Aside from providing the most durable and premium quality carbolite awnings Sydney has to offer, we also provide installations of any types of awning in Sydney.

Canter Lever Awnings

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